- the economics of you -

  • Jun 25

    It’s been a while, but we’re back again. We don’t have to rehash where we are in our struggle to do better for ourselves. We, as individuals know where we stand, each in a different place, yet in a similar place. So, enough about that. Where are we going and exactly how do we plan to get there? We need a vehicle to help us. We need something we can see, put on paper, fill in our own blanks, make our own changes. We need to discover who we are and what we’re best at, see the structure of our lives, see exactly where we are and where we’re going. We need to see what’s against us so that we can start preparing ourselves. We need more than a plan. We need something physical, something concrete that we can work with and make physical changes to improve.

    Concept spider-2In the diagram at the left, you see a conceptual representation of what could be such a vehicle. It doesn’t have wings or wheels or a motor as such, but it can take us to where we want to go. That “1 unifying entity” is the thing we focus on as being “the vehicle”. But that entity depends heavily on its components. Like a car depends on its motor, its wheels and transmission, our conceptual vehicle requires many inputs to function. The higher the quality of the inputs, the more performance the vehicle will have. Like Henry Ford’s first Model T in 1908, it was a basic improvement in transportation. From there, cars (and all their components) have evolved to where we are today. Our proposed conceptual “unifying entity” vehicle is no different. It was conceptualized, researched, designed, engineered to meet a single overall need: taking you to where you want to go.  You are the driver of your own vehicle.

    The diagram shows concepts directly related to our vehicle that we will now call ICANomics. It has a philosophy (mission statement etc.) of its own, is based on current events, requires your active involvement, will liberate you materially, involves psychology, social interaction, involves the family and community, requires diversity, improves the quality of individual lives, requires traditional and progressive education, demands creative out-of-the-box thinking, mentoring and sponsorship, involves economics (both personal and global), is entertaining and culture friendly, is business-related, requires investment (effort and resources), considers the environment and is critical to economic growth.

    But, enough about the components of the vehicle. You don’t need to know details about your car to drive it. You don’t need more words about this vehicle either. All you need to know is that ICANomics, while being different, can get you there and driving it takes you on a journey through the story of your life.  The process itself is easy enough for a ten year-old to understand and drive some version of it. Have confidence. Trust yourself.

    Summary: Start with an open mind. You can do it if you allow yourself. You need to get someplace specific to feel better about yourself. Get into this thing called ICANomics and drive it to take you to where you want to go. To drive it, you will have to follow a process– a sequence of understandings and moves on your part. It’s about hands-on understanding of how and why things work. Payment? Nothing for now. It’s on us. Take what you get and go with it. It’s like a game. The better you play, the more progress you make.

    Speaking of Henry Ford, he said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Think about that. Stay tuned.