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  • Exactly what is ICANomics?

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    Jul 14

    The name ICANomics says, “I CAN master my own econOMICS (thank you).”

    The reason we created ICANomics is that the subject of economics is quite difficult for most to understand. In high school, where one would think practical economics could be important to teach, it is part of social studies which is itself only one-twentieth (1/20!) of the total high school curriculum. And the economics that’s taught in elementary, middle and high schools has little or no relevance directly to the individual– you. ICANomics, although it follows many of the same basic rules as economics, is something you do rather than something you study. It applies directly to your use of resources and your ability to produce and sell goods and services. In other words, the money you get paid should be  directly dependent on the value that you offer the economy. (More on this later.) The way the system is supposed to work, if what you do has little value, you shouldn’t expect too much. (Of course we all know people who appear to do little and collect a lot, and vice versa. Stay tuned.) So, what ICANomics does is help you up your game to create more value for yourself and while you’re at it, the economy.

    As we continue, the differences and similarities between ICANomics and economics will become more apparent. But for now, let’s just say that ICANomics is about your active involvement rather than your passive observation. The study of economics is about keeping track of the resources in our world. It is more about knowledge and is learned by studying theories, definitions, formulas and curves as they relate to the flows of resources. ICANomics is about keeping track of your own material position in the world. It is more about your skills and is learned by doing– focused, interactive experimentation, emotional reactions and the understanding of the big economic picture. That is why economics is understood primarily by studying information  while ICANomics is understood primarily by interactively experiencing a game.

    Sure, ICANomics could be approached from a purely intellectual point of view, and mathematicians, theorists, philosophers, educators, psychologists… will have points of view. This is only natural. But ultimately knowledge must be tested, it’s value to mankind assessed, conclusions drawn, and the question answered: “Was this of benefit to human development?”

    A complex civilization like ours without economics is unimaginable. How else would we know and keep track of who owned what, how our resources were being used, who was producing what, and the value (economic worth) of things? Trading would be based on nothing. Money would have no standard value. The world would be utterly chaotic, ignorance would be normal and might would always be right. A case can be made for economics being the backbone of our existence– as we know it. So, if this is true, it’s up to us to keep economics alive, to do our parts, to contribute what we are best at while receiving the rewards from our efforts. ICANomics is attempting to augment the study of economics and the performance of our economy by stimulating the individual economic growth of those with capabilities– which is virtually everyone.

    Naturally, ICANomics cannot speak directly and individually to you. But, it can do the next best thing. ICANomics can, through not yet released technology, give you the experience of a materially successful and unsuccessful life, put you in touch with your inner self (redundant we know), put you in touch with those who can help you, bring out your best talents and strengths, synthesize your attributes and interests, help you construct a vision for your future, give you vital/visual knowledge, help you construct a path to your vision, enable you to visually structure your material life, present you with the tools that you can control, and show you how to get your economically-valuable self into the global economy. And this on an individual basis. Tall order? Yes, but that is the task ahead.

    For ICANomics to deliver on this ambitious promise, it will depend on a highly robust networked technology of unprecedented scope, supply and demand stakeholders working together with singular purpose, scientific and technological breakthroughs and forthcoming resources.

    ICANomics is doing for itself what it says you CAN do for yourself.

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